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Comparison between Tea and Coffee: Caffeine, Acidity, and Health Benefits

  • 3 min read

Comparison between Tea and Coffee: Caffeine, Acidity, and Health Benefits

Have you ever heard somebody asking whether you are a tea or a coffee person?

Well most of us have at some point in time. Both TEA and COFFEE are the most popular and loved beverages around the globe. Numerous variants of both these beverages have made it to the commercial and daily lives of people worldwide. We all love our special coffee or tea delight in some or the other way. Be is hot or cold, sweetened or not-so-sweet, and many others.

But no matter how much we agree or disagree, the debate of TEA vs. COFFEE is internal through the centuries of presenting facts and figures. We can all agree on many pointers that these two beverages are quite poles apart. But THREE major factors set clear demarcations for TEA and COFFEE. They are caffeine content, acidity quotient, and health benefits.

Let’s go through each of them!

Caffeine Content

It has already been established coffee has a much higher concentration of caffeine than any variety of tea. But is it good or bad?

The answer depends on what you are aiming for. If you have a long day full of meetings and a hectic schedule ahead of you, coffee is your best friend. It elevates your energy levels so that you can become active in minutes. It can keep you going through your busy schedule without much fatigue.

Tea, on the other hand, relaxes your senses. It is more like a stress buster after a long day of the busy schedule. Another popular variation of tea now a day is green tea. The coffee vs. green tea caffeine ratio is maximum is to null. So, green tea is a better stress buster and has additional health benefits as well.

Acidity Quotient

There is a lot of debate around this factor for the beverages. Several parameters define the acidity or the pH level of tea or coffee. These are

  • The Variant – Place and Condition of Production
  • Process of Drinking
  • Frequency of Consumption
  • Additional Components

In the case of tea, many researchers have suggested that acidity in tea that is usually home-brewed and consumed is much lesser. Moreover, the pH level balances within a few minutes of consumption.

But the most common question asked frequently is green tea acidic? Well, this depends on the type of green tea consumed. However, most experts advise on restricting the consumption of green tea three times a day to balance the pH levels for healthier results.

Coffee and acidity have a variable quotient which sometimes is less than black tea or more than green tea.

Health Benefits

In this case, it is important to consider what you are looking out for?

The tea vs. coffee health benefits depends on preference and targeted approach.

Most tea variants have higher antioxidant levels that help in the prevention of heart diseases, keeps up the digestion process, maintains blood pressure, and much more. Green tea is commonly known for its preventive measure towards Type 2 diabetes and helps with a naturally glowing and smooth skin.

Though in most cases coffee is considered a villain in such health fronts, some experts believe that black coffee in proper concentration and amount can be helpful towards weight loss regime.

The brawl of TEA vs. COFFEE has been going on for ages and is expected to continue many more years to come. But your choice of beverages always depends on what you prefer and aim for.


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