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Pour more herbal green tea for your gut Health

  • 2 min read

Pour more herbal green tea for your gut Health

‘Go with your gut; my gut tells me; gut feelings’ these are all common terms that we use when we can’t explain something with facts but still want to make a decision based on our feelings. The internal complexity of the gut goes beyond just feelings. Even science is enamored by all that the gut can reveal about a person. 

Accounting for more than 70% of the immune system, the gut is home to tens of millions of bacteria. These bacteria form the gut microbiota or gut flora. Not all the bacteria found in the gut are good. However, it is the balance between the good and the bad bacteria is the signifier of your health. 

Herbal green tea has been regarded as a miracle worker, especially where gut health is concerned. The beverage, native to Asian countries, is now consumed the world over for its purported health benefits - betters brain health, strengthens bone density, supports your immunity and more. 

Let us explore how this wellness tea works to keep those good bacteria alive and well, and as a result you too. 

Nurture healthy gut bacteria with herbal green tea 

The good gut bacteria are responsible for a plethora of health benefits in our bodies. Active compounds found in herbal green tea aid to create, establish and maintain a balance between good and bad gut bacteria which is responsible for your overall health and wellness. Good gut bacteria has been linked with boosting your metabolism and even helping maintain your body weight. With regular consumption of green tea, people have experienced weight loss too when complemented with a balanced diet and light exercise. 

Chai Craft Pick: Slimming Herbal Green Tea  - A green tea based herbal tea with fat blasting ingredients. 

A wellness tea that aids digestion 

After eating a heavy meal or even something oily - a warm cup of green tea acts as a huge respite. Green tea is one of those true wellness teas that work with you as a reliable partner towards achieving your personal fitness goal. Green tea is a rich source of polyphenols. To those of you uninitiated, polyphenols are digestive compounds that aid digestion. Continued and prolonged consumption of green tea is known to regulate bowel movement and improve gut health. 

Chai Craft Pick: Digestive Herbal Tea - a herbal infusion enriched with the goodness of triphala and licorice. 

May suppress allergies 

Our gut is prone to many allergies. Symptoms of which may include heartburn, acidity, indigestion, constipation, burping, and more. The increase of bad bacteria in your gut is linked to most of these ailments. Herbal green tea has the potential to curb these allergies and reduce the tendency of you contracting these allergies by creating a healthy environment in your gut where good gut bacteria can grow. 

Additionally, since green tea is a rich source of many antioxidants it helps reduce many common food allergies as well. 

Chai Craft Pick: Green Tea Lemon & Honey - a rich source of antioxidants

Chai Craft uses premium ingredients in our expertly blended teas. Explore our range of black, green and herbal teas that further your everyday health and wellness. 


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