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Green Tea, Lemon & Honey

Product Description:
Indulge in our carefully crafted blend that offers a soothing and aromatic experience, promoting overall well-being. This thoughtfully curated tea blend is designed to provide a delightful taste while supporting a balanced lifestyle.

Wellness Benefits:

  • Supports a balanced approach to managing sugar cravings
  • May contribute to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels
  • Provides a natural boost of energy and stamina

Steeping Instructions:
Use fresh pure water for brewing. Use one tea bag of Green Tea Lemon and Honey in 150 ml of water which has just come to a boil. Let it cool briefly before pouring over tea bag. Steep for 3 to 4 minutes. 

Ideal Time to Drink:
30 minutes after meals but not before bedtime.

Premium Packed Tea:
All our teas White, Green, Oolong, Black and Herbal Infusions are of the best quality available. Our Staple Free Double Chamber Tea Bags are packed in seep-proof foil-coated envelopes which ensure freshness, goodness and flavor in every steep.

      *Please note that individual results may vary depending on various lifestyle factors and dietary choices.
      Pack: 25

      About our tea

      Sourced by Chai Craft directly from the tea estate, cleaned & vacuum sealed at source in India and shipped directly to the customers. Teas, as fresh as in the gardens.



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