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Chai Craft Story- Tea crafted for your senses.

Grown in verdant tea gardens, all our teas are 100% certified organic. We also pack teas from a single origin, meaning all the tea in the packet is grown in one estate and there is no blending with teas of other estates. Our competition not only blends teas from different estates, but sometimes also from different regions and different years of manufacture, thereby massively diluting quality and compromising the freshness and flavor.

India has 70,00,00,000 tea drinkers and yet, it is almost impossible to find a tea packet that can promise freshness and quality. Most well-known brands sell Teas that are at least 12 to 15 months old. They also have mixed grades and contain blends with teas from several estates, perhaps even from different tea growing regions, leading to an inferior quality product.

We wanted to change that and ensure that the world at large would have access to the freshest, most flavourful, single origin teas of outstanding quality. That is how the idea of Chai Craft was born. The fact that we manufacture our own tea gives us the ability to pack the best quality product for our consumers.



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