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Sleep Infusion tea- Chamomile Herbal Infusion Tea Box

About The Infusion

Chamomile Herbal Infusion is well known for its calming and natural sleep inducing properties. It is very effective in helping people with anxiety and sleep disorders.

Steeping Instructions

Use fresh pure water for brewing. Use one teaspoon of Chamomile Herbal Infusion for 150 ml of water which has just come to a boil. Let it cool briefly before pouring over flowers. Steep for 3 minutes. 

Best Time

Best had in the evening and 30 minutes before bedtime. Consume regularly for best results.

Premium Packed Tea

All our teas White, Green, Oolong, Black and Herbal Infusions are of the best quality available and are packed in heat sealed foil pouches with Oxygen Absorbing and Moisture Absorbing Tablets to protect its freshness and keep it bacteria free.

About our tea

Sourced by Chai Craft directly from the tea estate, cleaned & vacuum sealed at source in India and shipped directly to the customers. Teas, as fresh as in the gardens.



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