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Mountain Mist Royal Green Tea

Product Description
Discover the regal essence of Mountain Mist Royal Green Tea—a tea that transcends boundaries and elevates your tea-drinking experience to new heights, where every sip is a royal indulgence in the lap of nature. Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of carefully selected green tea leaves, handpicked from the misty mountain gardens. Our Royal Green Tea is a testament to purity, flavor, and the rejuvenating essence of nature.

Steeping Instructions
Heat 150ml of fresh water. Place tea in a cup and pour water over the leaves. Steep for 3 minutes and strain to enjoy.

Ideal Time To Drink
Best had in the evening and 30 minutes before bedtime. Consume regularly for best results.

Wellness Benefits:

  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Elevated Energy and Focus
  • Heart Health Harmony
  • Metropolitan Detox
Premium Packed Tea
All our teas White, Green, Oolong, Black and Herbal Infusions are of the best quality available and are packed in heat-sealed foil pouches with oxygen-absorbing and moisture-absorbing tablets to protect their freshness and keep them from bacteria.

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    About our tea

    Sourced by Chai Craft directly from the tea estate, cleaned & vacuum sealed at source in India and shipped directly to the customers. Teas, as fresh as in the gardens.

    Highest tea grade

    Pure Indian single estate tea experience

    Straight from our tea estates

    No middlemen. No auction houses. No exporters.

    100% Freshness guarantee

    Picked within 24 -48 hrs of plucking

    Low Caffeine & Organics

    Low caffeine and 100% organic


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